Garage Door Opener Replacement

Has your home's garage door opener unit stopped working? Maybe the motor is burned out or the chain might be broken. If your opener can be fixed, Carrollton Garage Repair is your best source to do it. If not, we also can affordably and expertly provide its replacement. Our family owned shop offers a full line of new opener models including the latest and most popular ones. Everything from budget models to more expensive ones, are part of our repertoire so call Carrollton Garage Repair to find out more! We offer free price quotes, same day service, 24/7 emergency help and lots more!

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How much is your time worth? Why not leave garage door opener installation up to the experts? Just give Carrollton Garage Repair a call and our experienced and highly skilled installation crew will affordably and professionally install a new garage door opener unit at your home!

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